Welcome at drivethru Surfcamps!

Are you looking for your next vacation destination, your next adventure? Would you like to spend a lot of time by the ocean and in the water? Drivethru can make that possible – either in the tropical area of Sri Lanka by the Indian Ocean or in idyllic Denmark by the coast of the North Sea. We want you to experience unforgettable moments and have a great time with us!



From Soft-boards to high performance boards. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we have the right board for everyone.


On the 8000 sqm property you can find plenty of space to yourself. Take a nap, enjoy a good book or simply listen to the jungle sounds.


Your physical well-being is taken care of: water, coffee, tea, a rich breakfast, a lunch snack and fruit during the day. Dinner is always a full 3 course meal prepared by our kitchen staff.


In our camps, we accept a maximum of 28 guests. We like to keep it personal, which is why we would like to spend a lot of time with you and the other guests, be it surfing in the water or on land enjoying collective meals or relaxing.


When you’re staying with us, you won’t be staying in a standard hotel. Every one of our houses has its own story to tell and satisfies all sorts of different needs. You can expect diverse room categories with top-notch infrastructures.


Depending if your vacation with drivethru takes you to Denmark or Sri Lanka, you will be able to enjoy an outdoor pool in a tropical setting or a cozy sauna barrel right by the Fjord (starting in the Fall 2018).

We look forward to welcoming you!


Risikofreie Urlaubsplanung trotz Covid-19

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation haben wir unsere AGB zu Zahlung und Reiserücktritt angepasst:

3. [...] Für alle Reisen nach Dänemark oder Sri Lanka, die bis zum 31.03.2021 gebucht werden, wird - unabhängig vom Reisezeitraum - keine Anzahlung fällig. Unabhängig vom Anreisedatum wird der gesamte Reisepreis 14 Werktage vor Anreise fällig.

6. [...] Für alle Reisen nach Dänemark oder Sri Lanka, die bis zum 31.03.2021 gebucht werden, wird - unabhängig vom Reisezeitraum - bei Stornierung der Reise keine prozentuale Stornierungsgebühr fällig.

Wir passen die o.g. Zeiträume mit Blick auf aktuelle Flug- und Einreisebestimmungen weiter an. Somit hast Du keinerlei Risiko bei deiner Buchung, da keine Anzahlungen oder prozentualen Stornokosten fällig werden.

We hope to see you soon again in the water! Stay safe, stay happy!