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Welcome to drivethru!

Are you looking for the next vacation, the next adventure? Would you like to spend a lot of time in and around the water on your vacation? No problem – drivethru makes it possible! Whether in Sri Lanka on the Indian Ocean or in idyllic Denmark on the North Sea coast. We want to experience unforgettable moments and a really good time with you!

Sri Lanka, Madiha

The drivethru Surfcamp Madiha is located on the south coast of Sri Lanka on a quiet property right in the jungle. The Indian Ocean including the Reef Surfspot right on your doorstep as well as various local shops and restaurants can be easily reached on foot or by tuk tuk.

Sri Lanka, Polhena

The drivethru Hostel Polhena is located in the south of Sri Lanka in the middle of the village of the same name. The sea and various local shops and restaurants are easy to reach on foot or by tuk tuk. In just five minutes walk you are directly at Polhena Beach. You reach the nearest surf breaks by foot.

Denmark, Hvide Sande

The drivethru Surfcamp Hvide Sande is located on the west coast of Denmark on a headland between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. Our approx. 35,000 m² garden extends around the house, in which you can also park your camper or van. The nearest surf spot is just a 900 m walk through the dunes and the private fjord access is only 300 m away.

This is what you can expect at drivethru:

  • Privacy

    In our surf camps in Sri Lanka and Denmark you can expect spacious properties with plenty of space to relax. So that you can calmly come to yourself and recharge your batteries. A nap, a good book or simply listening to the sounds of nature ...

  • Rentals

    From soft boards to high performance boards. From canoes to bicycles. Whether beginner or professional. Our surf camps in Sri Lanka and Denmark always have the right equipment for you on site.

  • Food

    Your physical well-being is of course also taken care of at drivethru: a rich breakfast, coffee, tea, water and fresh fruit are the basis in all surf camps. In Sri Lanka, depending on the package booked, there is also a lunch snack and in the evening we have another real meal at dinner!

Homely atmosphere

We accept a maximum of 28 guests in our surf camps in Sri Lanka and Denmark. We like it personally. That is why we spend a lot of time with you and the other guests, be it in the water while surfing or on land while eating and lounging together.

Comfortable accommodation

With us you won’t spend your vacation in any run-of-the-mill accommodation. Each house tells its own story and meets the most diverse needs. Different room categories with high-quality furnishings await you. Feel at home, only better!

Pool & Sauna

Depending on whether you are our guest in Denmark or Sri Lanka, you can expect a pool in a tropical setting or a cozy sauna barrel with hot tub right by the fjord. Our surf camps in Sri Lanka and Denmark are tailored to your individual needs. Let yourself drift …

Campfire romance
Madiha from above

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