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Discover Sri Lanka – Relax at drivethru

During your stay at drivethru surf camp we can organize tours to various places of interest for you. In addition, you can take yoga classes, relax with a massage and of course keep fit with or without guidance.

National Parks

Udawalawe National Park is located in the south of Sri Lanka. The area is famous for its large elephant population. It is also home to water buffalo, wild boar, muntjac, axi deer and mongoose. There are even a small number of leopards in the park.

Yala National Park is the most famous and oldest wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka. Over 30 species of mammals and over 130 species of birds can be seen here and the park has one of the highest leopard densities in the world.

Sinharaja National Park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988 and is one of the last large contiguous forest areas on the island. It is famous for its immense biodiversity and numerous endemic species.

Cities in the surrounding area

Ella is a small village in the highlands of Sri Lanka. It is located about 1000 meters above sea level, surrounded by tea plantations.

Kandy is a city in the central mountains of Sri Lanka and one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Buddhism. The main sight of the city is the Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa), which houses a tooth of Buddha from the 4th century and still serves as a pilgrimage site and monastery.

Galle is a city in southwestern Sri Lanka, 116 kilometers from the capital city of Colombo. Built by the Dutch in 1663, Galle Fortress, like the old town, is a World Heritage Site. It is the largest surviving European fortress in South Asia.

Matara is the southernmost city in Sri Lanka. The Nilwala River flows through the city and empties into the Indian Ocean here. In the 16th and 18th centuries, the city was ruled by the Portuguese and the Dutch, respectively, which you can still see in the cityscape today.

Temples and pilgrimage sites

Adam’s Peak („Butterfly Mountain“) is a 2243 meter high mountain in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It is known for a rock formation near the summit, which is alternatively interpreted as the footprint of Buddha, the god Shiva or Adam. While not the highest, it is the most famous mountain on the island due to its religious significance and is a pilgrimage site for Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. There is an inhabited monastery on the summit.

Closer to the camp are several other temples. Some can be reached on foot, or as part of a TukTuk tour.


Give your body a break. With a sport massage or a traditional Ayurveda massage at a Spa in the area your mind and body can fully relax. Experience the sustainable influence on the regeneration of your muscles and relax in a comfortable atmosphere in the tropical warmth of Sri Lanka.


In the camp a TRX exercise machine, Balance Board and slackline are available for your convenience. With the TRX, we offer an effective total body workout with your own body weight. Beginners can train targeted core stability to paddle faster. For advanced users, it is recommended to strengthen the stomach muscles and legs to generate even more spray in turns. Through the training of surf-specific movement patterns you’ll catch more waves, reach better takeoffs, gain better stability and better balance and are able to make more powerful turns. The TRX is ideal for training beginners and professional athletes alike and features a solid training of the muscles in their entirety. Thus, the intra- and inter-muscular coordination improves.

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