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drivethru – how it all began

When Alex was working in Morocco as a surf coach for the first time, he met a lot of nice people there, among them Waschdl, who also taught surfing there. In the ensuing winter months, the two met regularly on the Moroccan Atlantic coast again to spend the winter together and to earn some dirhams along the way. In their first season together Raphi, the third in the league, was in the same place at the same time: It was love / friendship at first sight.

The following year, the three also spent their first joint summer in France. The desire to continue spending time and working together in the future grew.

When Alex returned the following spring from his winter trip to Sri Lanka, he reported to the others of the perfect waves and the breathtaking nature of this island. Everyone was immediately excited and didn’t hesitate when deciding where to go next. Other collaborators for this project were found quickly.

The drivethru surfcamp in southern Sri Lanka emerged. Surfing, living, relaxing in an idyllic setting, spending time with nice people and enjoying the leisurely pace of the island.

The drivethru team is looking forward to welcoming you to Sri Lanka or Denmark.

Germany // Denmark

Sri Lanka // Team Madiha

Sri Lanka // Team Polhena