Activities Hvide Sande

The drivethru surf camp in Hvide Sande is located right between the Danish North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. A paradise for friends of water sports! Whether for surfers, stand-up paddlers or boating enthusiasts: We have the right equipment on site for every weather condition and every mood!


In our drivethru surfcamp in Hvide Sande we offer professional surfing lessons along the lines of our coaching philosophy. “Surf a lot” is our principle and has the highest priority. But we have to be honest, the conditions for that are much more unpredictable in the North Sea, as opposed to, for example, Sri Lanka where the ocean offers everything from flat and almost non-existent waves to a swell on head level! In case the North Sea should let us down and you feel like trying something new, there are plenty of alternative options to still get in the water!

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

The Ringkøbing Fjord is the largest lagoon in Denmark with 300 square kilometers. Therefore, that is more than enough space to do an extensive tour with the SUP board and to discover the landscape around Hvide Sande from the water. So just grab a board and paddle and off we go! We are also happy to organize a tour followed by a BBQ or take a break with coffee and cake on the shore.

Vom Hauseigenen Fjordzugang aus


Crossing the Ringkøbing Fjord is also a great experience with kayak. It’s all in the mix! That is why we recommend you try all the different water sport activities to see what you like best or what challenges you the most. One thing is for sure: After doing your rounds around the Fjord you will enjoy sitting back and finishing the day in a relaxed atmosphere with us in the Dünenhof.

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Bicycle tours

There is a 100-kilometre bicycle route that goes around the Ringkøbing Fjord, that you can discover with our bicycles for rent. The road leads you along the bank of the Fjord and between dunes, past the Lyngvig Fyr lighthouse of which you can see the light from the Dünenhof in the evenings. You can decide freely how long your tour is going to be and in what typical Danish town around the Fjord you want to do a rest stop to grab a tasty ice cream or enjoy a lunch. A small tip from us: The Stauning Whisky distillery is on that path as well and can be visited for a guided tour including a small tasting.


At the drivethru camp in Hvide Sande, you also have the opportunity to rent longboards and explore the surrounding area. The asphalt bike path around Ringkøbing Fjord is just as suitable for first rides and longer tours with the longboard as it is for an excursion by bike.


Would you like to join one of our yoga classes? No problem! Please check any physical limitations with your local yoga instructor before your first class. Namasté!


For the fun in the house we have a pool table and a foosball table, which you can use during your stay with us free of charge. The same applies to the yoga mats in our activity room.

Tours & Excursions

In addition to all the sporting activities around drivethru surf camp Hvide Sande, the cities in the area also have a lot to offer. For example, how about a trip to Ringkøbing for fish sandwiches or ice cream in the harbor or a shopping tour in Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus?

Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is the nearest harbor town and is shaped by the fishery and water that surrounds it. The town is located exactly on the spit between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. In the unhurried center at the harbor there are several shops and cafés to stroll around and enjoy yourself. We highly recommend a visit to the fish smokehouse followed by a lunch snack! For those who prefer catching the fish themselves, there are plenty of possibilities to do so around the pier in Hvide Sande.


Ringkøbing is the oldest city in the region and pours on the charm with its old houses and narrow paved alleyways. With many good restaurants and ice cream parlors, the town invites its visitors to a comfortable stay.

Throughout the year, Ringkøbing hosts different music events and vintage car races. The guided city tour where the night watchmen take you through the old town and tell you about the history of the town is an extraordinary experience.


Søndervig is one of the most popular vacation destinations of Denmark. Other than its beautiful beach it offers a wide selection of shops, restaurants and cafés. Furthermore, there is a bowling center and a golf course in Søndervig.

We definitely recommend checking out the Westkystens Gaardbutik, an organic farm shop that has all kinds of goodies to sell, such as homemade bread, honey from the region, homemade ice cream and much more. On your way back it is worth going up the lighthouse in Nr. Lyngvig. It is located exactly between Søndervig and the drivethru camp.


Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and is located on the Baltic coast on the same sea level as Hvide Sande. Aarhus was voted the European Capital of Culture in 2017. There are numerous museums and cultural sites that are worth seeing.

For those who aren’t really interested in culture and prefer to do some shopping in the big city, won’t be disappointed either. In the center you will find all kinds of international and Danish label items, as well as the best national and international dishes. The two-hour car ride from the Dünenhof to Aarhus is definitely worth it!

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