We divide our coaching into five different levels (level 1 to level 5). If you book your surf holiday with us, we will assign you to the appropriate group. If, for example, there are a lot of level 1 to level 2 surfers, we simply make two or more groups, so that the groups are not too large.


Here you can find out about our coaching for the various surf levels. If you are not sure what level you are, we can help you find out once you get here.

Level 1 - 2 coaching

You want to learn how to surf and try this sport? Do you want to throw yourself into the warm waters of Sri Lanka’s south coast? Then our beginner course is the right one for you. The surf sessions take place in small groups. For the best and safest conditions, we train on a beach break. For quick learning progress and security, soft boards are available. In between, you get out of the water with your coach and learn how you can improve. This individual coaching on the beach guarantees the most effective learning.


Main topics include


  • Safety and how to handle your board,
  • get accustomed to the board,
  • coarse and fine trim,
  • take-off in the broken wave,
  • various dive-through techniques

The theory sessions at the surf camp complete the package. Learning objective is a secure take-off in the broken wave (whitewater) and an ideal preparation for the green wave.

Level 3 - 4 coaching

Have you already stood on a surfboard? Are you familiar with the term Turtle Roll (or Eskimo roll) and taking off in the green wave is fun despite getting washed over once in a while? Do you want to stand as many take-offs as possible and surf parallel down the wave in both directions? Welcome to the intermediate course! The group size is variable and depends entirely on the skills of our guests. This means, depending on their surfing level and corresponding wave conditions, we will choose the right spots to surf (beach break, reef break).


The selection of the ideal surfboard – whether soft top, shaped boards from our drivethru stock or your own surfboard – will be decided after consultation with your surf instructor. Lessons in this group, like the others, include individual coaching and relevant theory lessons.


Turning in the start position and surfing parallel – determining the weight and pressure points on your upper body to get into the wave quicker – these are some of the things that we want to teach you. The goal is to improve your skills and for you to get to know the world of independent and controlled surfing.

Level 4 - 5 coaching

Your take-off is about as familiar as brushing your teeth? Surfing parallel (ideally in the right direction) isn’t any challenge for you? Here we go! Our goal is to give you tasks according to your personal surfing level. You can surf along a wave but still have a hard time hanging on a curl or in white water? Then let’s learn how to get some speed! You surf the curl but then you leave the wave behind you and lose speed? Then the time has come to learn the cutback!


Depending on your skills, different spots will be in focus. You have your own surfboard with you? Very good! Nevertheless, you have a wide range of test boards at your convenience to get to know different board shapes under various conditions.


Here, theory lessons will teach you about maneuvers, positioning and territory behavior, among other things. The teaching objective is to give you the correct maneuver to work with in order to improve your surfing experience. We will also be giving you learning objectives for your next surf trips in the future.

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