If you have never stood on a surf board before or you still feel insecure about your take-off after your first surfing course and want to get a brush up on the basics, then this is the place for you!

Main focus points are:

  • Confidence and handling the board
  • Familiarization with the board
  • Course and fine trim
  • Take-off in a broken wave
  • Diverse diving techniques
  • Preparation for the green wave start
  • Turns in whitewater

Beginner +


You have control over your surf board and master the take off in whitewater. You are familiar with the usual diving techniques, however, they may still need some improvements. You can do turns in whitewater. You might have learned to do the green wave start, but you don’t really have the hang of it yet.

What to expect in the Beginner + course:

  • To master the green wave start
  • Drop in and behavioral rules in a line-up
  • Repetition of the diving techniques
  • Improvement of the fine trim
  • Position towards the wave in a line-up
  • “Have an eye to catch good waves”



The green wave start works well and you know the different diving techniques as well as the rules in a line-up.

What we will work on with you:

  • Perfecting the fine trim
  • Choice of waves to surf parallel (down the line)
  • Recognizing in what direction and how fast the wave breaks
  • Improving your positioning towards the wave
  • Surfing parallel (down the line) on the top part of the wave (angled take off)

Intermediate +


You surf just about every wave parallel (down the line) and you are now ready to “get more out of the wave”?

In that case, welcome to Intermediate +, starting with:

  • Improvement to surf parallel (down the line)
  • Learning sine curves in a wave
  • Mastering the basic maneuvers (bottom turn, re-entry, snap, cutback, floater)
  • Getting first experiences in reefs
  • Generating “Speed” on a wave



You master all the different maneuvers in their basic form? You already made some experiences with reefs? The size of the wave doesn’t matter to you and you want to improve your maneuvers with us? What are you waiting for?

Advanced means:

  • Improving the basic maneuvers
  • Generating speed in turns (more spray!)
  • Mastering the secrets to speed, power and flow