6 a.m. at drivethru

It is 6 a.m. While the morning jungle concert already goes into its second round and rays of sun start peeking through the palm leaves, the first tuk tuks rattle through the entrance gate. In the board garage there’s a lot happening when everybody starts loading the tuk tuks with their boards.

Some of the surf lesson groups – and especially the free surfers – are getting ready to enjoy the unforgettable morning mood with balmy temperatures in empty line-ups.

Whoever starts realizing while half asleep that the last beer the night before was too much, will be a bit annoyed at the breakfast table at 9 a.m. when the first grinning faces return and report of the waves at Black Sands or Weligama. But do not worry:  At 10 a.m. we go again.


Second round in the morning

Although you can barely get enough of the fresh fruits at breakfast, the clock is ticking “go, go, go” and the tuk tuk game begins once again.

There may already be a schedule change in the advanced groups, perhaps “only” to take a walk to the front yard beach, while all others make their way to the spots in the area, none of which is farther than 20 minutes away.

Although many surf lovers cannot take their eyes off the water once sighted, first step will be: “Please take a seat…” Whether it is the board handling, swayback or glide in the beginners course or the turtle roll or fine trim in the advanced group, we know how complex surfing can be, and that the tips and instructions in the water are best complemented by a briefing and debriefing.


Lunch time

After that you really deserve your midday snack! And also a little nap, for example, in the poolside chill cabana.


Afternoon session

If you’re still up for it, you can take the Tuk Tuk in the afternoon again to the waves and surf your third session of the day. Yogis opt for yoga class and those who want deep relaxation, can get a massage.


Before going to sleep

Before you fall happily into your cozy bed, the evenings with us offer a lot of variety – whether dinner together on the terrace of the villa, a delicious barbecue or a visit to a restaurant, your well-being is taken care of in any case.

After dinner, we sometimes present a theory session or you discuss your video analysis with your coach.

With a cold beer, a cocktail evening or a trip to Mirissas party mile you can let your day end to your liking. It makes for a very long day… But remember, tomorrow at 6 clock, it starts again: “tuk tuks are here!”

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