For rapid progress in surfing, the right equipment is almost as important as the right coach. If you are just discovering surfing, we offer soft boards in various sizes, which provide the highest level of security. If you already have surfing experience, you will have a huge quiver of Sunova surfboards available.

For beginners

For beginners

For those who are just discovering surfing, we offer soft boards in various sizes that offer safety and make faster learning progress possible. With soft boards the risk of injury, especially in the beginning is as low as possible. The boards have a lot of lift, soft surfaces and flexible, less sharp fins.

For advanced surfers

For advanced surfers

If you’re already learning how to surf parallel (down the line) in the unbroken wave or you want to improve your cutbacks, floaters and snaps, you will have a huge quiver of Sunova surfboards available.

About Sunova Boards

About Sunova Boards

Sunova Surfboards are high performance composite sandwich surfboards. Under the leadership of the legendary shaper Bert Burger, Sunova is the pioneer in lightweight construction with an emphasis on strength and flex properties. Bert Burger was “Shaper of the Year 2007”. He is the creator of the Parabolic Rail and the Firewire technology. Last but not least, Bert is a friend of the family and often stops by at drivethru to discuss and test his latest surfboard shapes with us.

Overview of our surfboards
Softboards 7‘6 / 8‘0 / 9‘0

The ideal board to enter the world of surfing. They glide extremely well and are very stable in the water. Due to the soft material the risk of injury is minimized when initially learning how to control the board.

Evolve 6‘6 / 7‘0 / 7‘6

The ideal entry board into the world of hard boards. The Evolve is a wave catcher, easy to paddle and glides with extreme stability.

Dynamo 5‘10 / 6‘2 / 6‘6 / 7‘0

The Dynamo is an excellent combination of wave catcher and a board that calls for radical maneuvers.

Moon Fish 5‘8 / 5‘10

With the MoonFish you’re the king in the line-up. With this one you will catch every wave and because of its high speed, you will experience flat sections, floaters and foam climbs without problems.

Boss 5‘8 / 5‘10 / 6‘0

The Swiss army knife of surfboards. It’s the perfect all-rounder and dominates every situation.

Torpedo 5‘4

Simple: A super mini-longboard.

Ostsee 5‘2

The skateboard among surfboards.

Nitro Shortboard Pro 6'8 / 6‘11
The Nitro and the Pro in sizes 6’11 and 6’8 are the ideal performance short boards for people weighing 85 kg or more. For individuals weighing less than 85 kg, it is perfectly suitable for first attempts on a short board.
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