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The Madiha camp consists of several different accommodations, that are spread across an area of 8,000 square meters. There is our villa with 2 suites, where the kitchen and the reception are located and additionally where the main terrace connects. In the jungle, you’ll find four separate cabanas, each with its own veranda and the pool with a chill-cabana. At the entrance of the property, we have a guest house with four double dorm rooms and two balcony suites. On the first floor of the villa, there is a dorm room with four more beds.

Our villa, the cabanas and the bungalow with several double rooms cover an area of 8,000 square meters. We accept a maximum of 28 guests, so there is enough space for everyone. That way there is always plenty of space to retreat and have some privacy. The entire property is surrounded by tropical nature and cannot be seen from the outside. Between two surf sessions, you can relax in and by the pool as well as the adjoining chill area.

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Villa Suite

In the villa, the main building of the property, there are two air-conditioned suites, constructed and decorated in colonial style. Both are spacious, equipped with a king-size bed and a closed bathroom (one suite has an outdoor shower, the other has an indoor shower and a small anteroom).

Villa suite with outdoor shower

Villa suite with anteroom and indoor shower

Balcony Suite

On the first floor of our small guest house you can enjoy the view of the entire jungle garden of the surfcamp from a private balcony. This is the most spacious room of the camp with a large bathroom and ample storage space.

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Our cabanas have a comfortable distance between each other in the garden of the villa. The cozy little houses await you with a double bed (with mosquito net and fan), a spacious built-in wardrobe and an outdoor bathroom with an open roof, a shower and toilet.

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Double Dorms

The four double dorms are located close to the main path of the property in our guest house. They each have two single beds with mosquito nets and fans. In two of the four rooms, the two beds can be pushed together. They also offer a small anteroom with a built-in wardrobe and an outdoor bathroom with an open roof, a shower and a toilet.

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Villa Dorm

On the first floor of the drivethru villa, we have the Villa Dorm with four single beds and an adjoining bathroom. Each guest has his or her own closet with enough space for personal belongings.

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For your daily fitness we offer you a balanced, rich and healthy meal. In the morning we start with breakfast consisting of fresh fruit, cereals and other delicacies. During the day there is fruit, water, coffee and tea available for you. And after a busy day in the water, we serve a lunch snack and, in the evening, national and international specialties.

Chilling out and relaxing

How about a dip in the pool after your surf session? A relaxing yoga session in the afternoon? Or just hang out in the hammock, read a book in the chill cabana and doze off comfortably. You have many opportunities to relax, switch off and recharge your batteries.

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Risk-free vacation planning despite Covid-19

Due to the current situation, we have adapted our terms and conditions regarding payment and travel cancellation:

3. [...] For all trips to Denmark or Sri Lanka, which are booked until 31.10.2021, no deposit is due - regardless of the travel period. Regardless of the date of arrival, the entire travel price is due 14 working days prior to arrival.

6. [...] For all trips to Denmark or Sri Lanka booked by 31.10.2021, no percentage cancellation fee is due - regardless of the travel period - if the trip is cancelled.

We continue to adjust the above time frames in light of current flight and immigration regulations. Thus, you have no risk with your booking, as no deposits or percentage cancellation fees are due.

We hope to see you soon again in the water! Stay safe, stay happy!