Discover Sri Lanka – Relax with drivethru

Tours and excursions, relaxation and training

During your stay in the drivethru Surf Camp we can organize tours for you to various places of interest. In addition, you can take yoga classes, relax with a massage and naturally keep fit with or without an extra service.


Teaser Massage

Give your body a break. With a sport massage or a traditional Ayurveda massage at a Spa in the area your mind and body can fully relax. Experience the sustainable influence on the regeneration of your muscles and relax in a comfortable atmosphere in the tropical warmth of Sri Lanka.



In the camp a TRX exercise machine, Balance Board and slackline are available for your convenience. With the TRX, we offer an effective total body workout with your own body weight. Beginners can train targeted core stability to paddle faster. For advanced users, it is recommended to strengthen the stomach muscles and legs to generate even more spray in turns. Through the training of surf-specific movement patterns you’ll catch more waves, reach better takeoffs, gain better stability and better balance and are able to make more powerful turns. The TRX is ideal for training beginners and professional athletes alike and features a solid training of the muscles in their entirety. Thus, the intra- and inter-muscular coordination improves.

Photo Service

Our Camp photographer accompanies us on a regular basis to the supervised surf sessions and captures your first waves, your progress and successful maneuvers. Professional equipment, a trained eye and the right timing will make you look like a star. The perfect souvenir to bring home, 20 pictures for only 25 Euros.

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Risk-free vacation planning despite Covid-19

Due to the current situation, we have adapted our terms and conditions regarding payment and travel cancellation:

3. [...] For all trips to Denmark or Sri Lanka, which are booked until 31.10.2021, no deposit is due - regardless of the travel period. Regardless of the date of arrival, the entire travel price is due 14 working days prior to arrival.

6. [...] For all trips to Denmark or Sri Lanka booked by 31.10.2021, no percentage cancellation fee is due - regardless of the travel period - if the trip is cancelled.

We continue to adjust the above time frames in light of current flight and immigration regulations. Thus, you have no risk with your booking, as no deposits or percentage cancellation fees are due.

We hope to see you soon again in the water! Stay safe, stay happy!