Welcome to the drivethru Surfcamp Hvide Sande

The drivethru surfcamp Hvide Sande is located on the west coast of Denmark on a spit of land between the North Sea and the Ringkøbing Fjord. Around the house we have a 35.000 square meter garden. The closest surf spot is just about 900 meters walking distance away through the dunes and within just 300 meters you are at a private access path to the Fjord. Shopping facilities and restaurants are within a radius of 2.5 km to 9 km and are accessible either by foot, bicycle or car.

The farmhouse

The accommodation in the Hvide Sande Surfcamp is a 200-year-old farmhouse built of red bricks and a traditional thatched roof. There are five double rooms to accommodate a maximum of ten guests, sharing two fully equipped bathrooms with showers and whirlpool. Moreover, the old farmhouse offers a large common area with a seating area at the fireplace, an open kitchen and a pool billiards room. On the north side of the building there is an additional common area that offers space for yoga, foosball, air hockey and other activities.

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The rooms

The rooms are simply furnished and each has two single or one double bed. All rooms offer a direct or partial view of the Ringkøbing Fjord. The two fully equipped bathrooms, as well as the small half-bath are shared by all drivethru guests. In one of the bathrooms there is a whirlpool bathtub available to use, where you can relax your muscles after a long and eventful day.

What we offer at drivethru in Hvide Sande:

  • overnight stay in our cosy farmhouse
  • breakfast
  • drinking water, fruit, coffee, tea are available all-day
  • wifi
  • air-hockey, football and pool-billard
  • free entrance to the Hvide Sande Svømmehal
  • on request: water sports lessons and tours
  • on request: all-inclusive sports equipment package
  • on request: Yoga classes

It is possible to book a stay from one night up. You can book online or contact us at booking@drivethru.de or by phone: +49 201 890 90 600.

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During your stay at the drivethru Surfcamp Hvide Sande you can try and experience numerous new activities, whether in the water or on land. Regardless of whether you want to have some action or you want to find some relaxation in the idyllic north, we can offer you the fitting experience for each day!

Tours & Excursions

Tours & Excursions

Besides all the sportive activities in and around the drivethru surfcamp Hvide Sande, the nearby cities have a lot to offer as well. How about an excursion to Ringkøbing to try a fish sandwich or some ice cream by the harbor or a culture and shopping tour in Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus?

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Risk-free vacation planning despite Covid-19

Due to the current situation, we have adapted our terms and conditions regarding payment and travel cancellation:

3. [...] For all trips to Denmark or Sri Lanka, which are booked until 31.12.2021, no deposit is due - regardless of the travel period. Regardless of the date of arrival, the entire travel price is due 14 working days prior to arrival.

6. [...] For all trips to Denmark or Sri Lanka booked by 31.12.2021, no percentage cancellation fee is due - regardless of the travel period - if the trip is cancelled.

We continue to adjust the above time frames in light of current flight and immigration regulations. Thus, you have no risk with your booking, as no deposits or percentage cancellation fees are due.

We hope to see you soon again in the water! Stay safe, stay happy!