Vestkystens Gårdbutik

Vestkystens Gårdbutik – Where the food still tastes like home

If you are looking for regional and typically Danish specialties and delicacies, you will find them in the middle of nature on Denmark’s west coast, north of Ringkøbing Fjord. Where exactly? In Houvig at Vestkystens Gårdbutik.

Vestkystens Gårdbutik is an old, cozy farm that is run as a farm shop by Dorthe Fjord Tarbensen and her husband Jens. The store has a rustic café, or as the locals describe it more accurately: a cozy café.

The little treasures of a place are often the ones that touch us the most. And a visit to Vestkystens Gårdbutik is guaranteed to do that! The charming shop not only offers fresh products but also creates a connection to Danish culture and agriculture.

Experience enjoyment and taste at Vestkystens Gårdbutik

Here you will find everything your heart desires because enjoyment and taste are taken care of: Danish coffee that invigorates the senses; irresistible homemade ice cream that makes the taste buds dance; Dune honey, jams, oils, and sweets to pamper your taste buds or those of your loved ones. If there is still something left over that you actually wanted to bring as a gift from your vacation.

And that’s not all! The selection also extends to fine wines and whiskeys, including the famous Stauning Whiskey, which is produced just a stone’s throw from Vestkystens Gårdbutik. And because it goes well with wine and whiskey, the cheese counter offers a wealth of organically produced regional cheeses, such as West Jutland amber cheese. The name alone invites you to try it. And that is definitely desired by Dorthe and Jens. So get to the cheese!

But the variety doesn’t end there: different types of meat await you, with high-quality beef particularly standing out. What makes this beef so special?

From coastal life to your plate

Dorthe and her husband raise around 300 Charolais cattle on their land around the farm shop. Kød fra Klitten awaits you, which translates to meat from the dunes. Meat from healthy and happy cattle that have spent their lives in the dunes.

“Good things take time” is clearly Dorthe and Jens’ motto because their cattle have the opportunity to grow and thrive in peace. They do not receive any feed supplements but feed exclusively on grass and plants that grow along the coast. Stress has a major impact on the quality of the meat, which is why it is important to the two of them that their cattle arrive at the slaughterhouse stress-free. Stress is not good for us, so why should it be any different for animals? After slaughter, the meat is then hung to mature for three weeks. Since the cattle grow differently and the process is very careful, the selection in the store varies from season to season.

Delicious coffee in a cozy café

There is also the opportunity to enjoy real North Sea coffee on site. North Sea coffee is an old, original family recipe and is served in the farm shop’s small, cozy café, where you can enjoy the farm’s own ice cream, homemade cake or bread with local cheese with your coffee.

An experience for all senses

The Vestkystens Gårdbutik farm shop is a small but nice place that appeals to all the senses. The bright colors of the products, the smell of freshly baked bread and cakes, and the friendly faces of the people behind the counter create an experience that goes far beyond shopping. You have the opportunity to talk to the people behind the products, hear their stories and exchange ideas with other tourists and locals. This connection to the community makes Vestkystens Gårdbutik farm shop an even more special place than it already is.

A little look at history

We don’t want to give too much away: Dorthe’s family members were already “dune farmers” 500 years ago. When her uncle wanted to retire in 2007 and the farm was either to be sold or leased, she had to make a decision. It was immediately clear to Dorthe: Vestkystens Gårdbutik had to remain in family ownership! So, she quickly took over the farm shop with her husband and moved with the entire family. You can find out the rest of the story on-site…

Treasures from the region

On your next holiday in Denmark at Ringkøbing Fjord, you should definitely visit Vestkystens Gårdbutik and try out the many delicacies! Whether you want to take some souvenirs home with you or are just looking for fresh ingredients for your next meal, you’ll find a wide selection of true local treasures here.

A tip for the way

Since the shop is located directly on the dunes and only 200 meters from the North Sea, a relaxing walk to the beach through the picturesque dune landscape is ideal. When you arrive at the beach, you can enjoy the food and drinks you brought with you. Houvig Beach invites you to linger, be it for a picnic, sunbathing, or a refreshing swim in the waves of the North Sea. You can also learn a little more about Denmark’s history. There are still bunkers from the Second World War lying in the sand on the beach in Houvig, which you can visit on one of the guided tours or explore yourself.

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written by Kim