Genbrug & Loppemarked

Holiday Tips for Rainy Days at Ringkøbing Fjord – Genbrug & Loppemarked

What was that again? There is no bad weather, only bad clothing? But we all know those days when, despite wearing top-notch outdoor clothes, you just don’t feel like going on a long hike in the downpour and long for a relaxed indoor experience. It’s a good thing that there are many attractions and activities around Ringkøbing Fjord that you can experience dry in bad weather.

Bargains and Other Curiosities

Speaking of clothes! How about, for example, an extensive tour through the Loppemarkeder and Genbrug shops around Ringkøbing, which are typical of Denmark? Loppemarkeder are flea markets. Genbrug means something like “recycling” in German. And as the name suggests, you can get lots of used (outdoor) clothes here as well as an unlimited number of different second-hand items: from Danish design classics to used tools, from discarded tea sets to a much-needed pair of rubber boots – you name it!

Or as a Danish salesperson once said in the store when I couldn’t decide between two things: “Take both!” I can only warmly recommend this advice for your visit to Loppemarked or Genbrug. Because among the many curiosities, you can always find a great souvenir here at a bargain price.

This is how our co-founder Alex came up with his new bottle opener, which was made with great attention to detail from an old deer foot. Well, as we all know, you can’t argue with taste – or maybe a little bit…

Shop Sustainably and Do Good

But even after a short deer-foot discussion, it is clear: shopping more sustainably is not possible! Because everything you buy in Genbrug or Loppemarked has already been manufactured and does not have to be produced again. This reduces the burden on the environment because there are fewer parts in circulation. The elimination of packaging waste that arises from the new production of products also ensures relief.

And your bank account can be happy too. Because second-hand pieces usually only cost a fraction of what you would have to put on the counter for a new piece. Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone involved. Anything else?

Oh yes! Most of the Loppemarkeder and Genbrug shops around Ringkøbing Fjord belong to non-profit organizations. They do not work for profit and the proceeds from the sale of the used goods are donated. The volunteers in every shop, no matter how small, don’t care whether you pay in cash or by card. Welcome to Denmark, the European pioneer when it comes to digitalization!

Bad Weather on Vacation in Denmark? I Order It!

As you can see, you don’t need to be afraid of bad weather on vacation in Denmark. Because what can you do when it rains on vacation? That’s right: shopping! And all this without a guilty conscience and on a small budget in one of the Loppemarkeder or Genbrug shops in and around Ringkøbing. Yay!

Already knew? Our drivethru surf camp is the perfect starting point for your sustainable shopping tour around Ringkøbing Fjord. Come by and get more tips for great attractions and excursions on your Denmark vacation!