Roundtrip Sri Lanka

The perfect Sri Lanka round trip

Sri Lanka offers you not only optimal conditions to learn surfing. Sri Lanka is THE surfing and travel destination and one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Not only because of its fantastic beaches and waves: The mix of breathtaking nature, impressive cultural sites, diverse cuisine and the incomparably cheerful and relaxed people makes the island a vacation destination that you will take to your heart very quickly. Therefore, we recommend you to combine the surf camp with sightseeing – this way your Sri Lanka vacation will be perfect! There are several ways to do this: For example, you can go on day trips during your free surf camp time, do a round trip of several days before or after the camp – or maybe even realize both! We at drivethru have known the island and its peculiarities for many years and are happy to support you with our know-how in the organization. Depending on your preferences, time and budget, you will experience an individually tailored travel package that will make your stay even sweeter.

To give you an idea of what this can look like in practice, in this blog post we take you on a possible tour of the island. In a few days you will see some of the most important hotspots of Sri Lanka. Are you ready?

Sri Lanka Day 1 & 2

Rock fortress of Sigirya and Pidurangala

To reach our spectacular first destination from Matara, a day’s journey by car or bus is necessary – but it is well worth it: In the middle of the lush green jungle in the deepest interior of the island, the rock fortress of Sigiriya, which means “lion rock”, awaits you.  Sigiriya has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982, making it one of the cultural highlights of Sri Lanka. High up on the striking rock, a regicide had an imposing fortress built in the 5th century A.D. to keep himself safe from his pursuers – after all, it worked for 18 years. A steep path with many stairs leads you to this historical site, past mighty boulders and artistic portraits of “cloud girls”. After about 1.5 hours of physical labor, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible view: a carpet of green as far as the eye can see, the mountains in the distance, peacock and monkey cries from the jungle. You could sit here for days and just enjoy.(Tripadvisor Daytrip Rock Fortress)

A little tip: If you want to catch a spectacular view of Sigiriya itself, you should climb the lower neighboring hill Pidurangala, about 1 kilometer away. The best time to do this is at sunrise – the view you get is simply breathtaking and seems out of this world. For Pidurangala you can then definitely plan a second day.

Photo by Thomas Corrinth

Sri Lanka Day 3

Temple complex of Polonnaruwa

The next day, after breakfast, we will continue to one of the largest and most interesting temple complexes in Sri Lanka: Polonnaruwa. Giant Buddhas, huge burial mounds (so-called Dagobas) and reliefs worked out to the smallest detail will amaze you here and hardly let your camera stand still. The main attractions are located within the former city walls of the royal city. If you can’t get enough, you’ll find other sites north and south of the city walls. Besides “A Day in Paradise“, it is especially chilling to cycle these routes, especially in the morning when it is not yet so hot. It is also great to see how nature has reclaimed the temple complex over the centuries: Hordes of monkeys run around on the temple walls and exotic birds make themselves comfortable in the tops of the huge trees. You can also get valuable background information about the site in the well-stocked museum on site.

Photo by Thomas Corrinth

Sri Lanka Day 4

The Sacred Grottoes of Dambulla

The next stop on our round trip is also a cultural hotspot: The Sacred Grottoes of Dambulla have enjoyed UNESCO World Heritage status since 1991. The site has been a popular pilgrimage destination for over 2,000 years, as researchers have learned from inscriptions carved into the rocks. Monks once retreated here to meditate and study. Today, the site is a tourist attraction, but its spaciousness means that visitors are well distributed. In Dambulla you can marvel at a total of five grottoes carved into the rock. In the first quite narrow grotto you will find a huge reclining Buddha. Grotto 2, which extends 23 meters into the rock, houses many different Buddhas and even a small Dagoba. Grottoes 3, 4 and 5 were decorated later, from the 18th century. One thing is very likely: you have never seen so many beautiful different Buddha statues at once! (Reviews on Tripadvisor)

Photo by Thomas Corrinth

Sri Lanka Day 5

Royal city of Kandy

The next day, your destination is Kandy. The city of 170,000 inhabitants in the central mountains of Sri Lanka is one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Buddhism. Because in the temple of the tooth, the main attraction, a tooth of Buddha is kept, which is offered for a short time during the day. Accompanied by drummers, the faithful then flock to the temple, offering colorful lotus and lily flowers and saying their prayers or meditating. A beautiful spectacle that gives you an exciting insight into Buddhism. By far the most practiced religion on Sri Lanka is certainly reflected in the friendliness and serenity of many inhabitants. You can also stroll and chill at the approximately 4 kilometer long Kandy Lake, in the middle of the city center. From here you can take great pictures of the Temple of the Tooth. Also worth a detour is the Royal Botanical Garden, with an incredible variety of partly very exotic plants. (Tripadvisor – all Kandy sights)

Photo by Thomas Corrinth

Sri Lanka Day 6 & 7

Ella and Little Adam’s Peak

Past lush green tea plantations (which, by the way, are also worth a stop, especially the tea production), it goes to the last stop of the tour: the backpacker paradise Ella in the highlands of Sri Lanka. At an altitude of 1,000 meters, it is very good to stay here after the sometimes very high temperatures in between. In nice cafes or bars you can hang out and think about which of the many attractions in the area you want to see. From Ella Gap, a deep valley, you can get a fantastic view far into the south. About 6 kilometers from Ella there is a spectacular waterfall – Rawana Ella Falls. If you’re a fan of railways, you should definitely check out the Demodara Nine Arches Bridge as a steam locomotive passes over it. And if you want to get a taste of the high altitude, climb Little Adam’s Peak early in the morning: the panoramic view of the green mountains is simply amazing and a balm for the soul! (Reviews on Tripadvisor)

written by Thomas