Selfcare, Surfing, and Sightseeing at Ringkøbing Fjord

Anyone who has ever stood on the banks of Ringkøbing Fjord in the morning at sunrise knows the feeling of absolute peace that comes over you when you look out over the water. Surrounded by silence, light fog, and sometimes more, sometimes less wind, I always ask myself why I let little things stress me out so much on some days. And then somewhere a seagull screams and – despite the peaceful sight – chases after another seagull in complete stress. Seagulls – and people – are simply real stress birds…

That’s why it’s even more important to treat yourself to a break from all the stress of everyday life from time to time. And what better place to do this than the wonderful Ringkøbing Fjord? So take another deep breath and come on an unforgettable journey to Denmark’s largest coastal lake!

The Perfect Start to Your Holiday at Ringkøbing Fjord

We start our journey directly on the banks of Ringkøbing Fjord at the Drivethru Surfcamp Hvide Sande. How come? Here the day starts relaxed with a hot cup of coffee or tea and a hearty breakfast that will prepare you well for the upcoming fjord tour and all activities. The cozy dune courtyard offers everything a stressed heart desires: hygge rooms, a wood-fired sauna with a hot tub and a view over the water, a campfire pit in the garden and last but not least, a huge living area including a panoramic fireplace and plenty of space for relaxing, reading, chatting, and enjoying, all in a typical Scandinavian interior.

But before things get too comfortable here, we’re finally heading out into the beautiful nature of Denmark!

Water Sports Destination Number One: The Ringkøbing Fjord

The Ringkøbing Fjord is THE water sports paradise par excellence. With its size of around 300 km² and an average depth of just 1.5 m, the inland lake attracts surfing and fishing fans from near and far year after year. Due to the many standing and flat areas, not only the numerous migratory birds like to come here to eat and nest. The low water depth is also very popular with people who are trying out kitesurfing, windsurfing, or stand-up paddling for the first time or who like to kite freestyle. Because if all else fails – or kite lines – you can run back to the shore if necessary.

Fortunately, this rarely happens. This is ensured, among other things, by the highly trained teams from Drivethru Surfcamps and Westwind. In addition to the right equipment from SUP boards, kayaks, and wetsuits, you can also book surfing courses and trial lessons here.

If you want to know exactly what you’re looking for, you can, of course, book an entire surfing holiday and surf for as long as you want for seven days. At the end, if you have successfully participated, the surf coaches will issue you with your VDWS kitesurf license, which you can then use to easily rent kite equipment anywhere.

Mellem Hav og Ringkøbing Fjord: Velkommen til Hvide Sande

In addition to tourism, fishing also plays a major role in the Ringkøbing Fjord area. This used to be considered the main source of income for many families. And even though this has changed over time, when you stroll through the small port town of Hvide Sande, you can still see how important fishing is for the region. Ships come and go from the harbor here. There are long-established smokehouses and restaurants that offer various fish specialties depending on the season and more or less stressed seagulls circling over the water.

If you prefer something sweet rather than salty, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the port city in one of Hvide Sande’s many cafes: White Sands, Twenty Twenty Coffee, Ejvinds…

Around the World in 80 Days or Around Ringkøbing Fjord

Another highlight that you should definitely visit on your holiday at Ringkøbing Fjord is: Ringkøbing! The eponymous port town in the north of the fjord is one of the oldest towns in Denmark and looks exactly how you imagine an old, cozy town in Denmark: red brick houses, cobblestone streets, cute shops, and happy people. There is also a tranquil harbor; Befitting your status with a delicious fish stall and a view of the boats moored in the harbor basin. A place to feel good – and to shop!

It is just 20 km from Hvide Sande to Ringkøbing. And on the way there, you will pass many exciting places, such as the old lighthouse No. Lyngvig Fyr, which has shown numerous ships the safe way to the harbors on Ringkøbing Fjord since it was built in 1906 and from which you can take one have an unforgettable view over the area.

You pass the holiday resort of Søndervig, which is particularly busy during the holiday season. There are also some bunkers from the Second World War lying in the sand on Søndervig beach. It is possible to take a closer look at these on a guided tour and learn a little more about Denmark’s history from this time.

Lots of input. Experienced a lot. For a little refreshment, we recommend a visit to Jens and Dorthe. The couple runs the farm shop Vestkysten’s Gårdbutik about 5 km north of Søndervig, which has a lot of passion and Danish hospitality. There are homemade ice cream and delicious cakes, natural cosmetics, jams and cheese. And there is even a not so small selection of different apple juices and Danish spirits, such as the world-famous Stauning Whiskey, to discover here.

You can admire the production of Vesterhavsmost juices and TONOW distillates during a guided tour at Laubjergs in the north-east of Ringkøbing. The original cider factory is located on beautiful grounds with an adjacent rose garden.

But above all the Stauning whiskey distillery on the eastern bank of the Ringkøbing Fjord is an absolute must on your Denmark holiday; Whiskey fan or not!

Since you’ve already come halfway across the fjord anyway, you can also say “Hey!” to the Vikings in Bork Vikingehavn on the way back to Hvide Sande. Of course only if you dare.

If that’s too exciting for you, the southern end of Ringkøbing Fjord has another alternative for you: Tipperne is the largest bird reserve in Northern Europe and a breeding and resting place for thousands of migratory birds. Please note that the reserve can only be visited at certain times of the year and day: from March to July every Wednesday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; from August to the end of October daily from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Unfortunately, you cannot visit Tipperne in winter.

Similar opening times also apply in Abelines Gaard in Haurvig. From April to the end of October, you can learn less about the different bird species, but you will learn a lot about life on Ringkøbing Fjord 100 years ago. Abelines Gaard, just like the Drivethru Dünenhof, is a beautiful old four-sided courtyard, with red tiles and a traditional thatched roof. Unlike the Drivethru Surfcamp Hvide Sande, at Abelines Gaard, it seems as if time has stood still for the last 100 years. Instead of modern Danish interiors, Abeline’s courtyard features antique Danish wooden furniture, dim glass lamps and old pictures on the walls depicting the people and landscape from the past. Abeline’s Gaard is like a journey into a bygone era. And it’s incredibly fun to wander around among all the old parts and memories and imagine how the stranded sailors and first tourists in the area spent their time on the old farm.

Huh or Hot Tub?

In the evening, 10 km further north of Abelines Gaard, the all-important question finally arises: How do you spend your time? Do you end the day with a game of billiards or darts? Or would you rather enjoy the sunset in the hot tub or sauna by the fjord? No matter what you decide: it can only be good! Because the seagull in you is now on vacation…