Concert Review & Interview with JPson

We welcomed JP and his friends at our hostel in Polhena for a couple of days. While his friends enjoyed some time off with surfing and sightseeing, JP was fully focused on surfing and playing music. Right from the beginning, his enthusiasm spread throughout the place, and we had an amazing time both in the water and on land. Before the concert at our place, he played an afternoon session at a market at the Doctor’s House. Some members from Bukahara were also on the island, and they teamed up for a jam session that afternoon. It was awesome.

During the concert at the Surfcamp in Madiha, JP played a variety of songs on his acoustic guitar or ukulele. He performed intimate and slower songs, upbeat tunes, and classic singer-songwriter surf acoustic music. The crowd was truly captivated and thoroughly enjoyed JP’s performance.

Just recently, a couple of years after his first visit to Sri Lanka, JP and his mom visited Sri Lanka again during their five-day break from their world cruise. As we all agreed, they will both be coming back soon. JP will play another show, and both will hang out with their new friends from the island!


Tell us more about JPson, the musician. 
I am from Cape Town, South Africa with Swiss heritage from  my Dads side. Been playing and writing music for the last 20  years and just want to share positive energy through the songs  that I create and share with the world.

Tell us more about JPson, the booking agent! 
I run a EU based booking agency called Filter Music Group  looking after some of my all time favourite acts such as Sons of  the East, Sean Koch, Lime Cordiale, Ocie Elliott, Amistat and  Jon and Roy.

Why you´ve chosen Sri Lanka to travel for and playing music? 
I love surfing and think that Sri Lanka has some of the  funnest waves I have surfed until now. Also love the people,  culture and food and thanks to drivethru Surfcamp I had  the opportunity to dive deeper into to this beautiful country.

How do you feel after playing at the drivethru Surfcamp in front of a small crowd of 30 people? 
Honestly one of my favourite kind of shows and I would  choose doing this kind of show over a big concert in a indoor  venue any day. I prefer the more Intimate vibe where I have  the space and time to tell my stories as these are what bring  life and light to my songs in the end.

Are you happy with the video shoot of “Here I am” in the Madiha Jungle? 
Love it!! Such a vibe to do a live session in such a beautiful  location. I really felt the energy of our surroundings when  performing this song and it is great memory of a beautiful day

The question I ask every musician: Who are some inspiring musicians and bands for you? 
Definitely Trevor Hall, Patrice, and my all time favourite artist  Jon and Roy

When did you start playing the guitar? 
At the age of 15 on a nylon string guitar my mom bought from  a second hand store in Cape Town

What can we expect from JPson in the near future?  
I just released my debut album “legacy of love” this  December and look forward to do some shows again after a  year break from playing live.

After playing some shows in Sri Lanka, can you share your thoughts and feelings about the experience? 
Honestly some of the most special shows I have ever played. So  unreal to surf amazing waves the whole day and then come out  the water into the jungle to plug in my guitar to sing for a like  minded audience that connects to my music and stories. Can’t  wait to come back and do it again!!

written by Raphi in January 2024