Black Sea Dahu

Concert review & Interview with Black Sea Dahu

It all began in Zurich when Alex paid me a visit. We hit the road, grabbed a couple of beers, and ended up at La Catrina for Josh’s concert. After the show, we approached them and asked if they’d like to come to Sri Lanka to hang out with us, surf some waves, and play a gig. Luckily, Vera and Janine were already into surfing, so it didn’t take long for the plan to materialize.

In February 2015, we welcomed them at the Madiha camp. They came as a trio: Janine brought her acoustic guitar, Vera her electric guitar and Yannick a portable drum set. Reflecting on that show after all these years, I recall how the crowd remained quiet throughout, savouring every minute.

What makes me so happy as I write this review in 2023 is the band’s career and growth.

Over the years, Vera and Janine have formed a collective of talented musicians around them. The band has grown and taken on new forms, and they changed their band name to Black Sea Dahu. Their dedication to their craft proved to be a game-changer, with their breakthrough song In Case I Fall for You from the album White Creatures in 2018 becoming a turning point in their career.

Their talent and hard work were recognized at Swiss Music Awards with the well-deserved Artist Award in 2019.
Nowadays, they play sold-out shows all across Europe and collaborate with artists like Ben Howard. It’s become their new daily business. Absolutely awesome!


Did you know that our guests now listen to your music at our camp without us even needing to turn on the sound system? 😉 
Oh man, we had no idea! We did it!

In 2022, you released your latest album, “I Am My Mother.” Looking at your touring schedule, it seems you’re incredibly busy until February 2024. Are there any plans for a new album on the horizon? 
Yes, we just spent 10 days in the Swiss mountains recording some demos. However, it’s proving to be quite challenging to find time for songwriting when we’re so busy with touring. Our goal for next year is to prioritize songwriting
Vera, when you came to visit us for a three-week holiday in 2023, you brought along your guitar, and we heard you playing it frequently. Is this music addiction a blessing or a curse? 
Definitely a blessing. I really like picking a song by another artist and learning it on the guitar. Last January when I stayed at the camp, I went for Bob Dylan’s Don’t think twice it’s alright. At first, it seems impossible to ever be able to do those patterns. I have to put my fingers on the fretboard one by one and repeat the picking in slow motion – for hours. But then, little by little, my hands remember the moves and it sounds okay. I like the fact that I don’t have to think about anything while playing, I just have to concentrate on my hands and after a while you can really hear progress.

Janine, did your surfing career take off in the same remarkable way it did with Black Sea Dahu? 😉 
The key to our success so far has been our unwavering focus and the complete dedication of our time, money, and energy to this band. As a result, it’s been quite a while since I last had the opportunity to surf in the ocean, and I truly miss it. However, after a really terrifying experience at the French coast where my leash tore and I kept getting pushed underwater by the waves, and a randomly surfing guard pulled me out, I just slowly started getting back into surfing two years ago at the surf pool in Wallis, Switzerland.

Here’s a question I ask every musician: who are some musicians and bands that inspire you? 
Ben Howard, Adrianne Lenker, Big Thief, Stormzy, Stromae, R.D. Thomas, Aldous Harding, Matt Corby, Julie Odell, Vitto Meirelles, Patrick Watson, Tchaikovsky, The Tallest Man on Earth, João Donato, Bill Withers, The Beatles, Camille Saint-Saëns, Nick Hakim, Alice Phoebe Lou,…
Could you share an unforgettable story from your time touring around Europe? 
One particularly memorable incident was during a show in France when we experienced a power outage. The venue was plunged into darkness, but we didn’t let it stop us. We continued the show acoustically, illuminated only by the light of a few cell phones held up by the audience. It was an intimate and beautiful moment, with everyone singing along and creating a special atmosphere despite the unexpected challenge.

How likely is it that we can welcome all of you in Sri Lanka once again? It would be amazing to have you here to perform some shows, recharge your batteries, and catch some waves together! 
Are you kidding? Let’s do this! When should we be there? With our busy schedules, we need to plan ahead, but we’re definitely in!

written by Raphi in September 2023